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PyTransport is a python package for calculating the 2pt and 3pt function of inflationary perturbations produced during multi-field inflation. Version 1.0 was restricted to canonical models of inflation, but version 2.0 has recently been updated for models with a curved field-space metric. The core of PyTransport is C++ code which is automatically edited and compiled into a Python module once an inflationary potential is specified. This module can then be called to solve the background inflationary cosmology, as well as the evolution of correlations of inflationary perturbations. We provide two further modules written in Python, one which performs the editing and compilation, and one which contains a suite of functions which perform common tasks such as looping over the core module to construct spectra and bispectra.  The real utility of the package, however, is that python provides a powerful and easy to use platform with numerous packages available for visualisation and analysis. Python is an intuitive language and users can quickly adapt our scripts and tools to suit their needs, or add their own.

The code and a user guide can be downloaded at the link below. If you use this code we request you cite the main journal article describing our methods as well as the arXiv version of the PyTransport user guide.

Download version 2.0 from GitHub Download the user guide

Version 1.0 of the code remains available here.

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The plots above are slices through the reduced bispectrum, produced for the double quadratic model (top of page) and the single field step model (immediately above) detailed in the user guide.

These visualisations are indications of the kind of results that can be produced with PyTransport. The code used to produce these plots is within the examples folder of the distributed code.

See the help page for reporting issues and getting help.