mTransport is a simple implementation of the transport method in Mathematica for the computation of the two-point correlation function of the curvature and tensor perturbations in the presence of a curved field-space. This implementation encompasses scenarios with violations of slow-roll conditions and turns of the trajectory in field space. It can be used for an arbitrary mass spectrum, including massive modes, particle production and models with quasi-single-field dynamics.

mTransport does not support the integration of three-point correlation functions; for platforms which implement this see CppTransport and PyTransport.

Key Features
  • Numerical3Dnew results including all relevant field-theory effects at tree-level.
  • Encompasses curved field-space metrics.
  • Written for maximum simplicity and usability. A control panel specifies the model to be evaluated and which computations to be performed.
  • Automatically parallelises computations over multiple cores in single node.


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Getting support and acknowledging

This is a code written by Mafalda Dias, Jonathan Frazer and David Seery, released under a modified BSD license. Any suggestions for improving the code, however minor, are greatly appreciated; please follow our feedback and help page. Should you wish to refer to this code, please cite the corresponding paper.